Not Osada – Shinkyoku

May 10, 2010

Commissioned and Edited by Gurotaku

This is short story about some detective brothers who are looking for some crazy guy who keeps murdering women. They find out that it’s all some part of some elaborate scheme for revenge against god.

The kanji 神曲 in the title literally mean “god song” but the title may also be a reference to Dante’s “Divine Comedy.”


Shiwasu no Okina – K-On! no Chou Eroi hon

May 10, 2010

Commissioned & Edited by m1

One lucky guy gets to help the K-On! girls raise money for their music club via the world’s oldest profession.


Kou Nishikawa – Ageha no Otome

May 10, 2010

Commissioned by Omega999

Chapter 1-5 edited by Mike
The Virgin School chapters Edited by Thor.
The last two chapters edited by the Rabbit Reich.

Another Tankoubon by Kou Nishikawa.
The main story from the title of this one involves this kid who just suddenly finds out that he’s the air of a huge zaibatsu and he gets to live in a mansion with a bunch of maids who service him.

Besides that, there’s this story “Virgin School” about some dick girls in what seems to be a catholic girls school or something.

The last two chapters feature a milf that looks extremely young and tiny for her age, and another one with a teacher about the perks of her job.


Media Fire / Megaupload Links Sniped

January 6, 2010

I am aware that many of the mediafire and megaupload links of the December and older stuff of the front and second page have been sniped by someone. Regrettably, I can do nothing about this
unless someone is kind enough to supply new links, as was the case with Ero Tifa Unlimited.
However, every one of the non-mf / mu links
does work just fine.

As always, remember that most of this stuff
would also be available at

You just need to click Community->e-hentai galleries
and then you can search.

Yuri ai – Honey Death and Destruction #1-3

September 30, 2009

Edited & Commissioned by Takarada

content: yuri violence

This is a strange series of Cutie Honey doujins that mostly involves Jill beating the crap out of Honey or stabbing/ clawing her while simultaneously fondling her. It’s light on the dialogue, heavy on the action. In spite of the violence, it’s not like hard guro, because honey possesses a nearly instantaneous healing ability from what it looks like.


links sniped

Milk Standard – Tsurisuka

September 28, 2009

Commissioned by Yurakair

This is a short.
The title means something like “suspender skirt,”
it’s a reference to the kind of skirt you see the girl wearing. Loli + big tits, It’s actually a big titted lactating loli lol. The author even mentions in his commentary that he was worried that it’s too much of a niche.