Media Fire / Megaupload Links Sniped

I am aware that many of the mediafire and megaupload links of the December and older stuff of the front and second page have been sniped by someone. Regrettably, I can do nothing about this
unless someone is kind enough to supply new links, as was the case with Ero Tifa Unlimited.
However, every one of the non-mf / mu links
does work just fine.

As always, remember that most of this stuff
would also be available at

You just need to click Community->e-hentai galleries
and then you can search.

3 Responses to Media Fire / Megaupload Links Sniped

  1. wondercorn says:

    I just hate it when someone act like a PURE honest people and snipe the link.

  2. gasm says:

    you can try for mediafire uploads, this guy has a small archive. It’s alphabetically arranged, so Brolen would be in the B section. Many files in 7zip format though. Still unzippable by winrar.

  3. trekkie says:

    Hmm, maybe using DLCs with JDownloader helps.

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