Hoshino Fuuta – My Hospital Room (Boku no Byoushitsu)

August 21, 2011

Commissioned & Edited by Pinheadchains

Here’s a loli x shota short about a kid who gets a little something extra when the class representative visits his hospital room to bring him his school papers.


Hoshino Fuuta – Suki Suki Remii-tan

May 14, 2011

Commissioned & Edited by Pinheadchains

A yuri loli story this time. Little rich girl hunts for other lolis by using her dog to steal panties XD


Hoshinofuuta – Puchi Majo Yuupuru and Lulu [Part 1+2]

May 14, 2011

Commissioned & Edited by Pinheadchains

Here’s a two part loli-futa story about a magical girl. Plot involves some old wizard guy’s crazy scheme to cover the world in evil trees by turning a magical girl into a futa and “urging” her to “release” her magical power in a special way to fertilize the eggs of his trees.

Part I
Part II

Minami☆ – Sekaiju no Anone 3

May 14, 2011

Commissioned & Edited by Pinheadchains

Here’s a loli doujin based on sekaiju no meiQ aka Etrian Odyssey.


LongHornTrain (CyoCyo) – Summer Alice

February 12, 2011

Commissioned & Edited by The Rabbit Reich

Here’s a doujinshi featuring Alice, the ghost of a little girl who I believe first made an appearance in the original SMT, and has shown up in several other MegaTen games since then.

Get it from the Rabbits.

Shiina Kazuki – Hime the Lewd Doll (Inran Ningyo Hime)

December 22, 2010

Commissioned by Doujin-Moe
Edited by Makasu

Okay, this is one of the craziest h manga I’ve seen. Most of the book involves living dolls that transform from loli mode to adult big titty mode at the guy’s whim and features everything from loli, futa, giant nipple fuck, uterus fuck, fisting, and even *giant dick fuck* (LOL). I’m surprised there’s no nostril fuck or ear canal fuck ^^
There is also a two chapter part with a shota kid genius and his otaku homies gangbanging his big sister.

Get it from doujin-moe.

Hoshino Fuuta – Puchi Majo Yuupuru-chan

December 1, 2010

Commissioned & Edited by Pinheadchains

Okay, our friend Pinheadchains doesn’t have a lot of experience, so the edit isn’t the best quality, but it’s a cute story about two lolis battling a slime / tentacle monster ^^


Studio Fuan – NanoFeiro + NanoFeiro A’s Collection

July 24, 2010

Full title: Nanofeiro + Nanofeiro A’s All Full Color Soushuuhen Platinum
Commissioned by Omega999
Edited by ThorW

This is a collection of Studio Fuan’s Nanoha doujinshi shorts based on the original and A’s series.
Props to Thor, this must have been a very tough edit.


Mizupii – Tenshi no Orusuban

June 29, 2010

Commissioned & Edited by Lunatic

This is a guro short involving a boy and girl who are studying human anatomy. The boy figures it would be easier to learn directly than just through a book, so he starts dissecting the girl alive (with her consent ^^ ). There’s a little bit of eros thrown in as well in some parts.


Kou Nishikawa – Alice

May 10, 2010

Commissioned by Omega999
Edited by Thor

This one’s about this ‘detective’ guy who defeats this assassin chick that’s trying to kill him and turns her into his assistant. And it turns out they were some weird kind of artificial humans and things get weirder…

Do note that I wasn’t involved with the translation of Ch. 7, but I will link it here for the sake of completeness.

There’s a small mount of loli in some later chapters but it’s mostly not loli.

Ch.1-8 minus 7
Ch. 7