Kou Nishikawa – Ageha no Otome

Commissioned by Omega999

Chapter 1-5 edited by Mike
The Virgin School chapters Edited by Thor.
The last two chapters edited by the Rabbit Reich.

Another Tankoubon by Kou Nishikawa.
The main story from the title of this one involves this kid who just suddenly finds out that he’s the air of a huge zaibatsu and he gets to live in a mansion with a bunch of maids who service him.

Besides that, there’s this story “Virgin School” about some dick girls in what seems to be a catholic girls school or something.

The last two chapters feature a milf that looks extremely young and tiny for her age, and another one with a teacher about the perks of her job.


2 Responses to Kou Nishikawa – Ageha no Otome

  1. Ehud says:

    Excellent post. Many thanx Brolen.

  2. pnc says:

    look like there still 1 chap left, or is it just omake

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