Nishikaga Koizaburou – Run Run Club

October 14, 2011

Donors: Valthunder, BetterEnding, Zathael
Edited by Noname

Here’s a tank about girls in various school sports clubs having wild orgies. The name Run Run is a pun on “ran” of the Japanese word for orgy “rankou,” the same name as the high school in the book which also doubles as a pun meaning “orchid high” ^^.

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Sanbun Kyoden – Scarlet Moment (Hiiro no Koku)

September 15, 2011

Contributors: BetterEnding & Xinthos
Edited by SSDDR

Here’s a Sanbun NTR tank. A model wife and mother gets raped repeatedly by Yakuza, and starts to like it… One of the more interesting things about this one is that the child being NTR’ed in this case, is a girl, rather than a boy, unlike most of Sanbun Kyoden’s other works.

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Shimanto Youta – Guntribe Vol. 1

June 20, 2011

Edited by Torn
Contributors: wrldtrvlr, Torn, Faytear, Zathael

Guntribe is a rare “wild West” themed ero manga about a drifter and an Indian girl who are tracking a gang of kidnappers.

There are a few pages that detail story setting and background information which wasn’t translated. Here’s an interesting tidbit of information about the prologue. Three years before meeting Maty, Drive set out on a quest for revenge because an outlaw crashed the wedding of his best friend and younger sister, massacring almost everyone in the church including Drive’s mother, and Drive’s best friend. Drive barely survived only to find that guntraitor was left behind, and that’s how he came to acquire it. Oddly enough, the body of his sister was no where to be found, suggesting that she was possibly kidnapped and taken alive.

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Kaede Maihama – Oppai Mamire

June 3, 2011

Edited by Noname
Contributors: Marte, Better Ending

This whole tank is full of massive oppai as suggest by the title. There are milfs in various situations, and a few chapters that have some straight shota action as well.

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Mokkyou bond – She is Dirtier Than Nakedness

January 28, 2011

Edited by DaM

This tank is a donor project made possible by faytear, DaM, and contributions from Marte, Zathael, Oliver and wrldtrvlr.
The content of the book largely features shota, or much younger guys, with older women. The scenarios are various, but a lot of them seem to have a focus on skin tight clothing, or swimsuits, which is what’s “dirtier than nakedness.” There is quite a bit of variety, with themes running the gamut from internet hookups, student x teacher, mother x son, shota maid x mistress, swimmer x lifeguard, and others.

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Hattori Mitsuka – Ero Manga Girl

January 16, 2011

Edited by Torn

This is a donor project made possible by Faytear, Torn, and the contributions of Zathael, Oliver, Sweattears and Orez.
The first three chapters are about a female ero mangaka who gets inspiration from fooling around with her assistant, but the later chapters vary thematically. Many feature shota or incest, including some cross dressing shota traps.

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Azuki Kurenai – Heart Maker

December 22, 2010

Edited by Faytear
Contributors: Blackinmind, Xinthos, Zathael

Here’s a complete tankoubon about this chick who wants to become a porn director and recruits her best friend as the lead star to help her create a production company.

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Yamamoto Atsuji – Ammo

March 2, 2010

*update 3/02 added ch. 6
Donor Project
Editors:Lunatic, Takarada
Contributors: Takarada, Lunatic, Kamugin

This is a police themed action comic,
and ammo the policewoman is the titular character.
The overall plot seems to involve a war between Chinese and Japanese gangs. There are several volumes, the first three chapters of the first volume were translated by Kusanyagi. I have translated the fourth. Since Kusanyagi went awol, I’m picking this up and adding it as a donor project per Takarada’s request.

Chapters 1-6

chapter 6

Fuuga – The Girl Who Dreams

September 27, 2009

*update fixed page numbering

Donor Project
Edited by Mike
Contributors: Tom, Leopark

This is a teacher/ student love story drama.
Plot involves a lot of scheming by secondary characters.
I have added ch. 6, and 7, finishing this one off.


Ch.6 alone

Ch. 7 alone


Motofumi Takaoka – Rutsubo

August 16, 2009

*Update – full volume complete

Donor Project
Edited by Mike
Contributors: Hollow49, Yurakair, JukanX

This is an interesting feudal Japan
themed manga with a serial storyline.
It’s about a princess during times of war. A ninja who was supposed to kill her, finds she’s just too hot, and decides to claim her as his own, even going as far as to slay his own allies when they refuse to spare her life.

The later chapters have a variety of themes.


Full volume

ch 7 only