Peanuts Land – Guru Guru Desire

July 29, 2010

Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

Here’s one about a student who has a crush on his teacher. She’s a bitch about rejecting him and ‘humiliates’ him in front of everyone in class, so he vows revenge. And fortune smiles upon him as he comes across a cellphone / mind control device. Now all he has to do is punch in text messages and he can force anyone to obey his commands. He decides to exact vengeance, by controlling the teacher and her family, forcing them to commit acts of depravity.


Bitch Bokujou – Heavenly Bitch Bride

October 7, 2009

Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

content: gangbang, pregnant sex, cheating

BTW, there is no scat in the art, but there is descriptions of some pretty sick stuff in the text.

This is a Dragon Quest V doujin, it contains huge spoilers for the game. I think if you’re not familiar with the game, you lose a lot, so I’ll just say that Bianca and Flora are the two women the player has to choose between for his bride in the middle of the game, and the order of light is the main enemy faction of the game, lead by the guy named Gema. They are responsible for murdering the hero’s father and enslaving him to build a cathedral, so it’s kind of cool that they gangbang the two ladies in front of his statue in this one ^^



Hirohisa Onikubo – The Last Curtain

July 12, 2009

Commissioned Release #47
Commissioned & Edited by: Ryoma

contents: gangbang, rape, pregnant chicks, PUBES, school theme

This time it’s a pregnant rape story. It all starts with this school girl crying to her teacher that she wants to discuss some issue in private. She leads the pregnant teacher away to an empty classroom away from any human presence, and the boys come in to gangrape her. Of course she ends up loving it in the end, this is hentai, after all ^^


Doi Sakazaki – Ryousai Ninpu

July 4, 2009

Commissioned Release #43
Commissioned & Edited by: Ryoma

This is a short involving a pregnant
married chick who’s apparently called over a fuck buddy because her husband won’t fuck her while she’s pregnant.


Tensei-kun – kakkou ni omoya torarete moraijiru

May 23, 2009

Commissioned Release #32
Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

This is an incest story about a woman who
is set on making children with her younger brother. She marries their older neighbor guy just to have a cover so she can have kids with her brother without getting all the negative social stigma.

The phrase “XX ni omoya torarete” in the Japanese title refers to the scenario where you kindly offer to let someone stay in your home, and then they end up taking over and running the house. I translated this to the closest English analogy “Give an inch, take a yard.”



Ryoma Edits

May 4, 2009

These are five that were Commissioned and Edited by Ryoma.
He gave me permission to put it up on the blog.

*UPDATE* 2009/5/07
Added Married Woman’s Wonderful Classroom
(okusama suteki na kyoushitsu)

The first is:

Angel’s Stroke 19 Elf Shibori by Kutani

It’s a Zero no Tsukaima doujin about how Saito gets busted when
Louise finds a journal he kept that detailed his sexploits with the other female characters.



The second is:
Fallen Pregnant Wife by Takeshi Iwai

This one is about a pregnant woman who’s fooling around with the manager of her apartment while her husband is away on a long business trip.
Contains minor scat content.



The third is Fallen Pregnant Wife 2.
Minor BDSM elements.



The fourth is Fallen Pregnant Wife 3,
this one involves the manager and his friends, as well as Tomoko’s husband’s Black subordinate.



The Fifth Is Married Woman’s
Wonderful Classroom. As you might surmise from the title, it involves neglected middle aged wives bangin’ the teen boys in their English conversation class.



Nozarashi – Haramizuma

December 4, 2008

Commissioned Release #8

Commissioned by Ryoma

The title translates to “Pregnant Wives”. This one is a doujin featuring female characters who are all the mothers of the main characters in mecha anime. One from Dendoh Senshi GEAR, Super Robot Wars, and Evangelion. Content involves pregant chicks getting gangbanged, and some mother-son incest.

haramidzuma_011 haramidzuma_371 haramidzuma_29

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