Commission FAQ

I will be considering requests for translations of any manga, regardless of genre or content. The only requirements are that you must be able to send payment via paypal and you must be able to provide quality scans of the manga you would like to see translated. Simply send your requests to, and I’ll respond with a quote if I am able to accept at the time.

The base rate for translation is $.65 for text translation, however the actual price may very depending on the amount of text present, the number of bubbles, and other factors. Generally, if a page has only 5 bubbles and 50ish or less words, it will probably be .65.
Editing will be another $.65, which brings the base rate up to $1.30 per page translated and edited.

Turn over time is usually very quick for text translations.
Provided I have no backlog, I can get a few shorts translated overnight, and a volume translated within 2-3 days. However, since I do not do my own editing, it may take an extra 2-3 days for short chapter edits, and maybe up to 2 weeks for a tankoubon.

Okay what if I find a part where you fucked up?

I make mistakes on occasion. If I happen to make a mistake point it out for me and I will be on it ASAP and fix it quickly, this I promise you.

8 Responses to Commission FAQ

  1. To OM says:

    please translate the 2nd vol of Angelic Pendulumn.

  2. Adam says:

    Hi, I’m not certain, but i have a short film with subs that have your name on them. Do you or are you willing to translate short movies. I have one called Conton, roughly 60 minute gore werewolf film that I would love to understand, as i myself am an uneducated.

    I do timings just looking for someone willing to translate Japanese to English.


  3. firstclassjellyfish says:

    Is there any content you won’t translate?

  4. Mok says:

    No more dragon blood??

  5. princess_lima says:

    hey men please continue on dragon blood, i’ve been waiting so long for it, if there’s anything you need you can email me with details

  6. DS82 says:

    So by editing, does that mean all text outside a text bubble or something?

  7. brolen says:

    Essentially, it is any graphical editing of scans at all, including deleting the original Japanese text and inserting the English script in or outside the bubbles.

  8. Nasuno says:

    I wanted to thank you. I read one of your translations recently. Keep up the good work, many enjoy it.

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