Motofumi Takaoka – Rutsubo

August 16, 2009

*Update – full volume complete

Donor Project
Edited by Mike
Contributors: Hollow49, Yurakair, JukanX

This is an interesting feudal Japan
themed manga with a serial storyline.
It’s about a princess during times of war. A ninja who was supposed to kill her, finds she’s just too hot, and decides to claim her as his own, even going as far as to slay his own allies when they refuse to spare her life.

The later chapters have a variety of themes.


Full volume

ch 7 only

Shintaro Kago – KoroKoro Soushi 2

January 4, 2009

Commissioned Release #13
Commissioned by Gurotaku

This one is full of bizzare things and horror elements, as well as some funny cultural references and off the wall humor.
It’s set in the Edo period just like the first book but it’s not really a sequel. The title is actually Koro Koro Soushi – Ooedo muzan juusanku. The subtitle translates into 13 Cruel Sufferings of Great Edo. It’s basically a collection of mini stories, but there are some tie ins, and characters cross paths. There is a storyline near the end that brings a lot of the characters from the previous chapters together. Themes include cursed prostitutes, killer tailor assasins, an epic battle of patches and holes (You got that right.) , and even a great pinnochio spoof. Just like the first one, I have worked on the rest of the it, but not the first chapter.

Get it here: download

Shintaro Kago – Koro Koro Soushi

December 17, 2008

Commissioned Release # 10

Commissioned by Gurotaku

This is a guro book featuring lots of violence and gore, including some cannibalism. It’s not really hentai, but it does have some sex thrown in here and there, mostly rape. It’s set in feudal japan and its central character is an insane sadistic princess with a elite unit of special “hair” ninjas. She gets reckless and draws the attention of the Shogun which leads to a huge clash. Fun book with some grim humor, very graphic and has some disgusting stuff so not for the feint of heart. Some of the contents include torture, lobotomies, cannibalism, warfare, ninja combat, and a “Hell” amusement park. Featuring guest appearances by Jesus, and a clan of ninja descended from Moses! Please note that only Chapter 2-12 were translated by me. Chapter 1 was worked on by Gurotaku and another fellow.

You can grab this one from here: download