Donor Projects

These ‘Donor Projects’ are projects that have not yet been fully funded, but may be funded by contributions from you, the readers.

Have a look at the raws to see if anything strikes your fancy.
If you’d like to see the rest of any of these manga translated, consider making a paypal donation of at least $1. Email me at and let me know what you would like to contribute to. I will give you the donation address.

Also, if you’d like to have a manga added as a donor project, again, email me. If you can at least fund the first chapter I will definitely add it.

Once the goal for each chapter has been met, I will translate them ASAP, though the editing may not be so quick to follow.

The current donor projects are below:

Yamamoto Atsuji – Ammo

Content: Police themed action adventure, ecchi, light guro/torture
Chapters available:6
Status: ch 7 partially funded
Contributors: Takarada, Lunatic, Kamugin

Fuuga – The Girl who Dreams
Content: school theme, drama, student/ teacher relationship
serial plot
Chapters Available : 7
Status: Complete
Contributors: Tom, Leopark

Inuhito Yoshida – Anesakyu

Content: incest, partially school theme
Chapters Available : 2
Status: Ch.3 unfunded
Contributors: JukanX

Kou Nishikawa – Rinkan Shimai

Content: school theme, rape, group sex,
incest, forced incest
Chapters Available : 3
Status: Ch. 4 unfunded
Contributors: JukanX

Motofumi Takaoka – Rutsubo


Content: feudal japan, rape, group sex, futanari, ninjas, kunoichi, shota, loli yuri, forced incest

Chapters Available : 7
Status: Complete
Contributors: Hollow49, Yurakair, JukanX

One Response to Donor Projects

  1. tom says:

    howdy. did you get my third payment for yumeiru?, by my guessing that should fully pay for chapter 3 with some change for chapter 4

    best regards


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