Hajime Miyakawa – Shizuka no Umi De

Commissioned Release #31
Commissioned by : A.H.

This is a short story involving two students who are marooned on an uninhabited island after falling overboard. The girl retains her typical attitude, until suddenly the guy disappears and she has a panic attack, thinking she was left behind. The guy turns up, and then H ensues.



5 Responses to Hajime Miyakawa – Shizuka no Umi De

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. Im sure that many people searching for this . I will visit that nice blog again

  2. Malagem says:

    Nice!! good work.

  3. YamiBoy says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Thanks again!

  4. The mediafire link is dead so I googled it and found the following link:
    It contains an extra ad picture for the site it’s from but to me that doesn’t matter.
    This release has also been decensored by Ghost55 not that it adds much to this charming story but it might interest someone (search for his batch torrent).
    Thank you Brolen for this two year old translation.

  5. Blake81 says:

    Both DL link are dead and it got removed from eHentai after the last Blacklist Purge. Could someone plz reupload it?

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