Kon-Kit – Bitch Trap

(Chapters 1 & 2 previously translated by Sling)

Commissioned by doujin-moe.
Edited by Makasu

A collection of variously themed h shorts.The unusual comedic style, with lots of gags and silliness, is of particular note.

Viewable at doujin-moe.

4 Responses to Kon-Kit – Bitch Trap

  1. AsianLOL says:

    Don’t you ever post download links? Or is all your stuff only viewable?

  2. brolen says:

    I rarely post direct download links these days because I don’t edit the stuff, only provide translations in a file. It’s up to the other party whether or not to provide a direct download link.

  3. AsianLOL says:

    Oh I see. It’s just a lot of your stuff ends up on Doujin-Moe and I have no idea how to use that site šŸ˜

  4. nameNoname says:

    There are download links at Doujin-Moe (at the end).
    I know this because I downloaded every page until the end.

    Here’s a mu link since I went through the effort, anyway. If they’re even allowed (though I don’t see why not)


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