Shintaro Kago – Anamorphosis

Commissioned & Edited by Gurotaku

Over half of the book features the titular story, Anamorphosis.The titular story is a sort of horror-mystery about a group of people who were invited for a contest to see who can stay in a supposedly haunted set for 48 hours after an evil and murderous spirit is summoned by a medium into a recreation of the murder scene. The rest is a collection of bizarre shorts designed to make you go ( ゚д゚)!?


3 Responses to Shintaro Kago – Anamorphosis

  1. bleh says:

    Fabulous! Kago is the best, thank you.

  2. p3pe says:

    wow! another work of kago! thank you!

    May I ask, do you have rehosting policy? I’m a contributor on batoto, and I’d like to upload some of your projects (ito junji and some of kago’s). Is it allowed?
    Thanks in advance!

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