Kou Nishikawa – Alice

Commissioned by Omega999
Edited by Thor

This one’s about this ‘detective’ guy who defeats this assassin chick that’s trying to kill him and turns her into his assistant. And it turns out they were some weird kind of artificial humans and things get weirder…

Do note that I wasn’t involved with the translation of Ch. 7, but I will link it here for the sake of completeness.

There’s a small mount of loli in some later chapters but it’s mostly not loli.

Ch.1-8 minus 7
Ch. 7

6 Responses to Kou Nishikawa – Alice

  1. Shake says:

    looks good


  2. gregorio says:

    Hello, I am the leader of a hentai scanlation traduction french team, HHH (Hentai Hardcore Headquarter http://www.hhh-world.com ).
    We want to translate “[Kou Nishikawa] Alice” . We were searching a soft lolicon Hentai, yours seems interesting. Moreover your translation looks good.
    Do you agree to let us use your work ? Of course, we notify the origin of the translation on our web site.
    Yours faithfully

  3. brolen says:

    Certainly, I don’t mind.

  4. Jacky says:

    “Soft” might just not be the right word for this epic story ^^

  5. Kaito Y says:

    I appreciate this translation very much and mind if i ask is there a volume 2 for this h?

  6. Anona says:

    MegaUpload is having a problem with an Adware-Malware that comes across when the free download button is pressed:

    Neosploit Toolkit (type 1113)

    So far, Firefox NoScript and AVG 9.0 have stopped it before the payload has been able to execute.

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