Yamamoto Atsuji – Rotten Sword

Commissioned & Edited by Lunatic

In this one, a female warrior squares off against a monster
who actually uses a woman’s vagina as a sheath for his sword. Literally ^^
Also, this seems to be a chapter from the middle of the manga,
I’m not sure though.


7 Responses to Yamamoto Atsuji – Rotten Sword

  1. as363 says:

    Rapid Sh*t seems to have a problem – when you click on “Free User” – you just get a payment page – none of the “Wait 30 seconds” etc. Too bad – so sad .

    • fdes says:

      They just switched up the placement, so the pay button is where the free one used to be. Or at least that’s how mine is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually a series of doujins, this being the third one. There are also shitty low-res scans for the first one ripped from a flash file.

  3. takarada says:

    awesome, translated atsuji

  4. ryukage says:

    This looks like something straight out of the mind of Kentaro Miura. I hope you translate the rest of this story.

    Thanks for the commission, Lunatic!

  5. Kamugin says:

    It is from the same author of Ammo, he have a great artwork.

    How can I ask you for a comissioned scanlation? I just have to send you the scans and pay?

  6. brolen says:

    Send requests to brolen2339104@gmail.com
    with a link what you would like to have translated.
    I will give you a quote based on a rate of .65 per page for text translation, but adjusted to account for actual volume in cases with over 6 bubbles per pages, or extreme wordiness.

    If I accept your request, I’ll tell you where to send payment.

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