Inuburo – Working Girls (Hataraku! Onee-san)

Commissioned by Doujin-moe
Edited by Makasu and Sokarius

Here’s a book of full color shorts featuring curvy girls from a variety of different professions getting freaky on the job.

View it at doujin-moe.

7 Responses to Inuburo – Working Girls (Hataraku! Onee-san)

  1. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and Doujin-moe. Do you intend to do the rest?

  2. brolen says:

    Yes, the rest has already been translated a long time ago, but apparently it is taking a while to finish editing due to the transparent speech baloons, and other stuff. Keep watching, the rest will be added.

  3. Ehud says:

    Thanx Brolen. These are very good news.

  4. loplop says:

    Nice to hear that the entire book is translated. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  5. Sigma251 says:

    May I ask where did you get the raw of this manga ? All the ones I found had 4 pages in a bad format.

    Anyway thanks for this great translation.

  6. brolen says:

    You can get the raw here.

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