Shimanto Youta – Guntribe Vol. 1

Edited by Torn
Contributors: wrldtrvlr, Torn, Faytear, Zathael

Guntribe is a rare “wild West” themed ero manga about a drifter and an Indian girl who are tracking a gang of kidnappers.

There are a few pages that detail story setting and background information which wasn’t translated. Here’s an interesting tidbit of information about the prologue. Three years before meeting Maty, Drive set out on a quest for revenge because an outlaw crashed the wedding of his best friend and younger sister, massacring almost everyone in the church including Drive’s mother, and Drive’s best friend. Drive barely survived only to find that guntraitor was left behind, and that’s how he came to acquire it. Oddly enough, the body of his sister was no where to be found, suggesting that she was possibly kidnapped and taken alive.

Get it from Faytear.

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