Otone – Ane wa Yome

Edited by Makasu
Commissioned by Shinmarizu

Here’s a tank full of a variety of scenarios featuring big sister – little bro incest stories. This includes everything but the first chapter that was previously translated by someone else. Please note that the chapter called “ane no senaka wo mite sodatsu” was actually commissioned by Setebos long ago.


6 Responses to Otone – Ane wa Yome

  1. Scott_Pilgrim says:

    Hi! Can you upload please again?
    I would have gotten this sooner but my rss reader for this feed/blog only updated today even though i check my reader everyday. I would love to have this and I’ve looked around and none are available in english. =(

  2. Bluesophia says:

    the link doesn’t work.

  3. loplop says:

    Any chance of getting a new link? Looks like the link got deleted.

  4. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Brolen for this great post.

  5. loplop says:

    Thanks for the reposted link! I really like Otone’s character designs. I wish there was more out there by him/her like this other than I Love Sister and this one.

  6. Scott_Pilgrim says:

    Thanks for posting a new link!!! Wooo!!!!

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