Hajime Taira – Nise Dragon Blood #9-12

Commissioned and Edited by SoyleB

Nise Dragon Blood is the story of the humiliation and degradation of a once powerful princess. In these chapters, princess bangs a bunch of deformed / disabled dogs and pigs, a weird bug creature, gets fisted by a bunch of guys, officially submits a petition to register as the empire’s first “animal prostitute” and then… Well, all I can say is donkey-sama makes his debut XD


30 Responses to Hajime Taira – Nise Dragon Blood #9-12

  1. shrike says:

    Could you please revise Vol9 pg023, 033 and vol 12 pg026?

  2. Bluesophia says:

    That was a donkey? I must have been stupid, I thought it was a horse.

  3. sxy says:

    Just when i thought “yeah! they posted mediafire links”, it turns out just two links were mediafire =/ It would be great if all were mediafire?

  4. anonymous says:

    this had an anime about it right? or was the anime first?

    • boyfromvalley says:

      Actually as Brolen has mentioned with the others, this is a hentai parody of the artist’s own original manga.

      • SoyleB says:

        boyfromvalley is pretty much right but I’ll add some stuff (cover and some info on it on his website…which is even named Dragon Blood and Lyma… for some reason) :

  5. hentainferno says:

    Lol, tahnk you so much =D Keep ’em coming!

  6. as363 says:

    Well – managed to D/L 9-11 fairly quick . With 12 – ended up at Rapid Sh** (others we a direct and MF). Spend over 20 minutes trying to get the download – the clock started at 10 minutes – and when it got to Zero – it reset at a time lower than the last – finally stuck at 29 seconds – and would not move . Could you maybe put 12 somewhere other than Rapid Sh** ? many thanks .

  7. boyfromvalley says:

    Page 33 on volume 9 and 26 on volume 12 appear to still have the japanese writing on them.

    Still, glad to see four more translated.

  8. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen.

  9. brolen says:

    I see. I’ll be sure to inform SoyleB about those pages. Thanks for informing me.

  10. SoyleB says:

    Sorry about that, it was a lapse on my part, since I had already typeset them and checked them when I batched saved the images. Those two pictures were saved without the top layer that had the adjustments so that the text wasn’t shown.

    Fixed images:

  11. shrike says:

    Thanks SoyleB, but what about page 23 on volume 9? Aren’t you going to fix it?

  12. shrike says:

    Wow! Fast! Thank you SoyleB

  13. engeden says:

    Thank you guys! This is awesome. I always looking forward what the end will be.

    • SoyleB says:

      Well my prediction is that she’s gonna end up meeting the guy with the skull face from the first volume and likely have sex and become like the evil queen or something…

      I’m just wondering how long will it take to get there. Luminary (which I’m fairly sure is based on Dragon Blood) was like 25 volumes (it would also be fun to see scans of it…but well T_T tough to find those pesky books nowadays), this storyline has already 21…

      • engeden says:

        Oh.. you mean skull guy from the first 6 pages in chapter 1 .. i’ve forgotten him for so long. In my thought, the evil queen is too good for her (looking for all the thing they do with her) they might like her go lower … 🙂

        I remember the first time to saw the scan of Dragon Blood chapter 1 is about 8 years ago .. and now they still go on …

        Thanks to you a lot for translate this series!

  14. ETC says:

    Great !!
    Thanks for English edition ~~

  15. Nike says:

    Can’t seem to dl 9 11 12, that sucks, pls upload it to mediafire. thanks in advance

  16. Addy says:

    Sorry for bugging but may you reupload part 9 on mediafire?

  17. Boyfromvalley says:

    Volume 18 is due for release.

    • Bluesophia says:

      Somehow, they just keep getting smaller and smaller. Why can’t the chapter be like 1-6 again when every chapter was a cohesive event and not parts?

  18. ummm says:

    is there any translation for books over 13??

  19. brolen says:

    Not yet.

  20. Boyfromvalley says:

    Have to be honest though, after this lot which I’ve enjoyed I’m not too thrilled on any of the other volumes that may get translated. Not because of the quality of how some of them have been photocopied but mainly because it seems the artist is getting a little bit lazy in the quality of his art. Some are looking a bit too sketchy and lack some of the detailed shading he added in his previous volumes, plus some of sex scenes are starting to get a bit predictable and cliché.
    However the art has improved in the last two or three, but I got to be honest the length of the recent one was just too short; eight pages.

  21. Otaku23 says:

    Will Volumes 13-18 be translated and released?

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