*Sakura Ikeda – OreImo Ch. 18

Edited by Mike
Commissioned by Mickey

*Sakura Ikeda is the person drawing the manga, though the original story and character design are by Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki.

The full title of this one is “ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai,” which translates to “My little sister can’t be this cute.”It’s a manga based on the light novel series of the same name.
The overall story is about the awkward relationship that develops between a brother and sister after he discovered that she is secretly an otaku.

Here’s a basic summary of this chapter: Kirino discovers that Kyosuke was using her laptop for something naughty, and he has to figure out what to do to make up for offending her.


13 Responses to *Sakura Ikeda – OreImo Ch. 18

  1. Panda says:

    Aww, man, Brolen, you lucky bastard. How’d you get paid to do what I do for free?

  2. jherig says:

    Very nice. Are you planning to do more of this?

    If people would like to see the beginning of the manga, Pure Scans has done several chapters (although they seem to be stalled on the series at the moment). You can find chapters 01-08 at


  3. brolen says:

    I believe Mickey may be interested in commissioning Ch. 19 when it becomes available.

  4. DarkBlue says:

    Pure scans was waiting for the vol 2 tank, which they had pre-ordered and was released last week, so they should release the next chapter soon.

  5. Figaro says:

    Can you please upload this to somewhere else other than DF? DF hates me.

  6. Pakkun says:

    Please Continue this~~ 😀

    Pure-Scans is closed ; //
    Look This 🙂


  7. Drac says:

    where can i find chapters from 9-17

  8. Saddestpanda says:

    It looks like pure scans disbanded. I hope someone else picks it up.

  9. brolen says:

    I believe chapters 9-17 are available… if you can read Chinese ^^ I think the commissioner is someone who was following the Chinese versions, and just happened to want an English translation of chapter 18.

    Many of you have asked about this, if we could find an editor, and if we you guys all want to chip in $5 bucks or whatever for a donor project, next chapter or even previous chapters could become a reality.

  10. Haiyami says:

    You know I would love to see chapters 9-17 translated of this manga.

  11. please do continue this series if possible.. i am bummed that it isnt continued at the moment where there are 19 chapters yet only 1-8 and 18 are translated into english and the others are forgotten.. T_T Panda-kun said that “opposed” will continue it yet it has been 17 days or more since Pure Scans disbanded and i have yet to hear from opposed.. i do know he has an IRC but i cant use IRC since our school blocks IRC. 😦 please communicate to him to have this resolved.. 🙂 thank you very much…

  12. enlait says:

    Opposed isn’t goin to do the series.

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