Darabuchidou – P3;Trio

Edited by The Rabbit Reich

Here’s a nice Persona 3 tentacle rape doujin.
The rabbits have done a bang up job as usual.
There’s also a little bit of monster birthing at the end.



PSP Version

4 Responses to Darabuchidou – P3;Trio

  1. Nemphtis says:

    Can anyone answer this somewhat silly question of mine for me real quick? Just organising my collection and I have folders downloaded through this blog with file names like this:

    (Shiwasu no Okina) K-○n! no Chou Eroi Hon ga Dekimashita! (K-ON!)

    I’m just curious, is that the artist in brackets or something else? Also the part after the brackets, is that the doujin’s name?

  2. brolen says:

    Author’s name is in brackets, the part after is the title, yes.

  3. Blurk says:

    Will you do Darabuchidou’s c78 release as well? Otherwise I’m interested in taking it on. Just thought I’d ask you since it seems to be a sequel to this one.

  4. brolen says:

    I have no plans to do it, but the rabbits might. Might want to ask them about it.

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