Satoshi Urushihara – Vampire Master Dark Crimson Vol. 2

Commissioned & Edited by Lunatic

Here’s volume 2 of an ecchi story about a vampire kid and his lovely servants who are fighting the good fight against demons known as “clients” who consider themselves gods and seek to control the world and harvest humans as domesticated animals. Of course, lots of h is needed to to replenish lost energy between battles, and somehow no matter what’s going on almost every page seems to have naked chicks everywhere. So yup.

volume 2

Here is the already translated Vol.1 for consistency.

volume 1

8 Responses to Satoshi Urushihara – Vampire Master Dark Crimson Vol. 2

  1. Ehud says:

    Awesome post Brolen. Many thanx. Is this the complete story?

  2. laclongquan says:

    Cant open this file, as it is being used by another app…

    Winrar cant touch it.

    Is there some problem with this file? I redownload 2 times but it’s still the same.

  3. brolen says:

    Negative. There is one more volume which Lunatic will also be working on. @laclongquan, it must be your computer, but wait for an upload on this one and check it out from there.

  4. Kurono says:

    Woooowww, Brolen, I see this manga some time ago (3 years maybe), and I lost all my hopes to be complete translate. Thank you a lot men!!!! I hope the next one would not take so much time.

  5. Chorizo says:

    Thanks for translating this, Brolen! (Hell, thanks to Lunatic for commissioning/editing it!) It’s a lovely work…

  6. etemon says:

    waw, 5 years ago i read the first volume, never know it’s going to take these long for 2nd volume. Thanks!!!

  7. PNC says:

    *sniff* i have waited for this day this for 4 year now, thank you brolen, lunatic

  8. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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