Peanuts Land – Guru Guru Desire

Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

Here’s one about a student who has a crush on his teacher. She’s a bitch about rejecting him and ‘humiliates’ him in front of everyone in class, so he vows revenge. And fortune smiles upon him as he comes across a cellphone / mind control device. Now all he has to do is punch in text messages and he can force anyone to obey his commands. He decides to exact vengeance, by controlling the teacher and her family, forcing them to commit acts of depravity.


9 Responses to Peanuts Land – Guru Guru Desire

  1. David says:

    This manga seems a lot like Gakuen Saimin Reido anime.

  2. alidan says:

    im sorry to ask, but can you add a second site, like megaupload, media fire hasn’t done this for a long time, but i cant download off it.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen. Such a strange story.

  4. brolen says:

    It actually seems a bit over done, as David pointed out, common theme perhaps ^^
    @alidan try

  5. ner0 says:

    One of the best ero-manga I read in a long time! Many thanks for doing this!! The only genre this lacked was in the netorare department, the husband shouldnt be able to get any! Just sit there and watch how his family is ripped apart! But aside from that 5 stars!

  6. jyu says:

    The ending seems to be setting up for a sequel. Ihope there is one.

  7. Missfire says:

    I love these themes MC/Corruption are my favorite and ahegao faces. The darker the better. Thanks for this, I also hope jyu is right

  8. shinab says:


  9. Shinji says:

    Is there more from the same author or are there any more ero-manga similar to this? I don’t like NTR so this was perfect for me 😛

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