Yumi Ryuuki – Oppai-san and Me zoku + zoku zoku

Commissioned by Setebos
Edited by Makasu

Here are two chapters of this.
It’s about a school girl who’s ashamed of having big tits
and her boyfriend helps her overcome this shame.

Zoku is rather bizarre, featuring some sort of nipple fuck fetish going on after the guy thoroughly stretches out the girl’s nipples.

Zoku zoku features some beach sex and slight added yuri elements at the end.

Zoku 続 and zoku zoku 続々”continued” suggests that there may additionally be an original no 続 chapter but I don’t know about that.

zoku zoku

8 Responses to Yumi Ryuuki – Oppai-san and Me zoku + zoku zoku

  1. Bartelbee says:

    For those that want to download the second, remove the ” oppai-san” from the URL, until Setebos edited the Post.

  2. Jerry says:

    the link to Zoku appears to be broken, even though the zoku zoku works

  3. L2D3M says:

    The hyperlink to zoku is incorrect. If you remove oppai-san from the link, it works fine so it was just improperly entered.

    Correct link:

  4. raider says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks!
    Sadly, link for “zoku” is bad.

  5. Katase says:

    Zoku’s link isn’t working.

  6. TK Styles says:

    Hmm, looks like there was a chapter before these two. Looks like the first 3 chapters of Kanojo no Chichi wa Boku no Mono covers this story. I can’t read japanese but looks like the same characters. Here are some links where I found the whole book:



    Anybody up for commissioning the first chapter or maybe the whole book?

    • Without your info I would never have found that great book. Chapter 8 ‘Sunao ni Sugao’ is also translated by Brolen and chapter 6 ‘What lingers in my ears is your singing voice’ is translated by Carstairs.
      I have recommended the book to yqii but I can’t afford to commission it.
      I guess we have to hope that he or Brolen or some other magnanimous scanlator/commissioner translate it.

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