Kamogawaya – Nineteens ?, 2, Ne, Clock-up

Commissioned by Omega999
Edited by Mike

Nineteens is a series of straight shota Nanoha Strikers doujins that focus on Fate’s adopted son Erio fooling around with the various female members of the cast. Here are the four, ?, 2, Ne, and Clock-up.

Ne ?

3 Responses to Kamogawaya – Nineteens ?, 2, Ne, Clock-up

  1. JukanX says:

    Thanks Brolen, Mike and Omega999 for these releases. Is there any particular order in which they ought to be read?

  2. Serf says:

    Thank you very much I been looking for someone to translate this doujins

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen. Great story.

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