Urotan – Newmanoid Cam

Commissioned by Omega999
Chapters 1-3, 7+ 9 edited by Thor
Chapters 4-6 + 8 edited by Mike

This one’s a bit on the wacky side.
It’s about this crazy perverted old professor who makes these superhuman chicks to help out his grandson who is a police officer.
If there is an overall theme to this,
I’d have to say it’s a combination of rape and idiotically naive girls getting tricked into sex all the way through.

Page 7 was missing a small bit of dialogue so I’m attaching that image here.

*Page 149 was missing, I’ve also added this.


11 Responses to Urotan – Newmanoid Cam

  1. 2Hip says:

    Big thanks to Brolen, Thor, and Mike. You guys did an awesome job, on this!!

    But… darn it. The download is missing page 149.


  2. brolen says:

    Oops, I dropped the ball on this one.
    It turns out, I didn’t send the script for this page to either editor. It’s kind of after the part where it signifies the end of chapter 8, but before the part where it declares the beginning of chapter 9.
    I sent it to Thor hopefully he’ll find the time to edit this one and I’ll post it when he’s done.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen, Omega999, Thor and Mike.

  4. as363 says:

    Totally appreciated . (:>)>

  5. Shake says:

    Urotan? FUCK YES

  6. Anonymous Lurker says:

    Wait – is that it? Seems like the book ended without any real conclusion. Is there a sequel? Or does it end with just the two of them kissing on the last page?

  7. Omega999 says:

    yes there is a second volume. But not left yet in entirety. If someone have it says it I will commission it!

  8. Serf says:

    well I have 5 chapters of volume 2, including the final chapter I can provie them to you just send me a mail and I upload them

    • Omega999 says:

      This is a good idea mail me link for download it

      Thanks in advance Serf.


      • 3333h says:

        Hi, a second volume was released on 16/04/2010

        and on May it will released another version of it:

        I hope in a raw soon. Byez and thanks a lot to you for commissioning this and Brolen, Thor and Mike for all the work.

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