Ninroku – Package Meat 3+4

Edited by Mike

content: slut mom

This is a Queen’s Blade doujin involving Cattleya,
concerning an fling with the young son of her ’employer.’ The whole thing is done in a peculiar style where it switches back from raunchy hardcore action of the Mom, to innocent scenes of her son off on a little adventure while she’s banging the guy in her own son’s bed in the fourth part.

part 3
part 4

24 Responses to Ninroku – Package Meat 3+4

  1. ner0 says:

    Are the first two alredy translated?

  2. dstar2 says:

    Thanks for the traslation! 🙂

  3. blackinmind says:

    KS-Yamateh why didn’t you do the first two too, this is my favorite doujin. thank you for commission and brolen for the translation. awesome. really wanted the whole thing.

  4. young says:

    holy smoke, in the first one the super hot shota orgy with her is sooooooooo freaking hot. thanks you guys. need the rest though.

  5. Sherbet says:

    Thank you very much KS-Yamateh, Brolen and Mike. I hope to see Package Meat 1+2 someday

  6. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen, KS-Yamateh and Mike. Sure hope to see the first 2 chps translated.

  7. 3333h says:

    Thanks a lot for this awesome release. However, there are also chapter 5 and 6.

  8. blackinmind says:

    oh wait found info on it, Siawase-Pullin Dou was the name and 5 and 6 came out during c77.

  9. 3333h says:

    Yeah, the circle is Siawase Pullin Dou, and the author is Nin6 (Ninroku).
    Chapt.5 is a C76 release,
    chapter 6 is a C77 release

    Btw i didn’t found any raw…:(

  10. blackinmind says:

    oh snap, package meat 5 just got scan and uploaded.

  11. Scanlicious says:

    yeah, if there’s someone interested to translate #5 volume, I will be happy to scan the #6 volume (it’s a C77 release)

  12. blackinmind says:

    @scanlicious, did you scan package meat 5? How do you go about getting volume 6? just curious about the process, do you live in japan or do you order it online?

  13. Scanlicious says:

    I’m not getting #6. I have bought it directly from tokyo-archive.

    and yes, I’m the one who scanned it

    • blackinmind says:

      thank you, you got good taste. I can’t decide, I never commission a manga before and I love this series. I don’t know how to use paypal and if I did I can only put like 10 or 12 bucks towards it.

  14. blackinmind says:

    @brolen how much did you charge for each package meat? I wanna know how to use paypal.

  15. Raccoon_Dog says:

    It goes without being said that we are loving Package-Meat chapters 3 and 4, but what are the chances we’ll be seeing translations done of 1,2,5 and 6?

  16. SuperJohnDoe says:

    Package meat 1 translation link:

    Can’t find 1 for 2,5, or 6.

  17. […] Package Meat series done by Nemui. If you remember, the third and fourth parts were done by Brolen (Get them here). In any case, more Cattleya being a slut. This time she meets the old man again to give him what […]

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