Yoshu Ohepe – Spring Strawberry 2

Commissioned by Setebos
Edited by RR

Here’s the second Vol. of Spring Strawberry.
An ichigo 100% doujin with Manaka and Satsuki fooling around as usual.


4 Responses to Yoshu Ohepe – Spring Strawberry 2

  1. Setebos says:

    Thanks, Brolen and Randy Rabbits. There’s no denying my love of Yoshu, even if it’s boring everyone else. I love it, and I ony hope for more.

  2. loplop says:

    Juicy Satsuki. What’s not to like. Thanks Brolen, Setebos and RR for this.

  3. Cythen says:

    I always enjoy Yoshu. 😛 Thanks for the release

  4. Zathael says:

    Wet and sloppy sex FTW! Thanks a lot to Brolen, RR, and Setebos.

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