Yoji Sorimura – Little Satanism

Commissioned by Lumino
Edited by Thor

Here’s a doujin based on the game Summon Night 2
involving a loli devil girl and other lolis who are working with black smiths “to forge weapons.”



5 Responses to Yoji Sorimura – Little Satanism

  1. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen.

  2. YuriTenshi says:

    Actually, that’s from the SECOND Summon Knight Swordcraft Story game… The first had Sugar, the second Dinah, and the third one had Rufeel as the female Summoned Beast. The third one was never actually brought outside of Japan (despite being the best of the Swordcraft Story games).

    Now then, if you’ll excuse me, I stop being a nerd and go back to being a perv…

  3. yurakair says:

    yoji sorimura is more known as “misty isle”

  4. Haborym says:

    Fuck yeah, been wanting to see this translated since the first time I saw it many years ago

  5. Anonnymus says:

    Wow, that’s unexpected. I just started playing this game. Too bad it’s not Pratty and Sugar though, eh? Eh?

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