Linda – Truth

Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

Here’s a short about a guy who’s in for a surprise when he finds out the loving mother and wife he thought he knew was actually a hard M.


See comments for links.

15 Responses to Linda – Truth

  1. Kikimaru says:

    In b4 file deletion.

  2. anon= says:

    dmcas own.

  3. Fayt says:

    Man, I wish I could get more linda works done, too bad Linda is strict, Hopefully you don’t get no C&D notices. Love this though, more ntr baby!

  4. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen.

  5. Draco says:

    what are the chances of getting another link up?

  6. brolen says:

    Slim to none, I’m afraid. Unless someone would be kind enough to post a new link in the comment,
    then I can replace the link in the post with it.
    It seems many of my links have been sniped.

    But anyways, you can always find a lot this stuff, but not Linda, it seems none of their stuff can be found there.

  7. ida says:

    hope this one won’t get shot down soon >.>

  8. Cobra says:

    Oww this sucks.Hope someone can post another link.

  9. ZeroX1999 says:

    Here guys, I just found it through alot of google.

  10. Geso says:

    In the video she says her ass stirred by many dicks.I wonder she says as a fantasy or the boyfriend lets other guys fuck her in the ass .

  11. brolen says:

    No, he did. Even says so in the manga ^^

  12. Geso says:

    Where does it say?

  13. UHM says:

    I really like this one shot but I wish there was a confrontation between two guys at the end.I mean he fucked his wife in front of him there should be some consequence.

  14. anonymous says:

    first of all, what’s a hard m? secondly, this manga disturbed the fuck out of me…if my wife did this i’d lose my fucking mind….i’m mad at him and really mad at her. i know this stuff is in a lot of manga, but this one seems plausible in some ways and the writing realistic, and the things she says while being fucked is infuriating, i mean she degrades herself so much i feel like myself in the face… disturbing shit in this manga. anyway, sorry for the rant. but i agree with UHM, not sure why he didn’t confront the other guy. also, there was a movie of this? where?

  15. greyhoundz says:

    Nice one

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