Matra Milan – Angelical Pendulum V1 Ch. 2-7

Commissioned by Extra_F
Edited by Thor

The first chapter has already been previously translated and edited. This is a story concerning a guy with a “Divine Essence” who’s being watched by some angels, whose sworn duty is to hunt down the lewd fallen angels, although they all seem really lewd themselves ^^



13 Responses to Matra Milan – Angelical Pendulum V1 Ch. 2-7

  1. nukie says:

    it would be useful to have the link for chapter 1 too 🙂

  2. brolen says:

    Just an update on the translation of 能天使 as “ability angel.” This translation came literally from the kanji, because the katakana ruby was tiny and too difficult to read in the instance where the term popped up,
    but I’ve checked Wikipedia, and it seems this term actually corresponds to “exusiai”, or “power” in English, which would be a warrior angel. Which makes sense.

    So yeah, 能天使 should have been translated to “power” rather than “ability angel” for anyone wondering about the awkwardness of that term.

  3. brolen says:

    I never post links to anything other than what I have translated myself. But you should be able to find it on

  4. ZeroOBK says:

    To think that I would eventually see a volume of this done! Thank you, brolen, Thor, and Extra_F!

  5. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen. Is this the complete story?

  6. Zathael says:

    There is supposed to be a volume 2, but I don’t even know if it has been written yet. My Google-fu is weak and all I can find is volume 1.

  7. Zathael says:

    Oh, and I have completely forgotten my manners: Thank You Brolen for picking this up and finishing volume 1.

  8. zoombalagc says:


    Some of the artists other works including Angelical Pendulum vol 2 is listed here. Didn’t realise the artist was the same one for Palladium Garden though.

    @Brolen: thanks for the release. looking forward to your future ones. hopefully it’ll include vol 2 huh?


  9. - says:

    Yay, Matra Milan. Thanks.

    As for Volume two, I’ve had the scans for over a year. I’ll provide them if needed.

  10. conak says:

    Here is the link for the 2nd volume ^^.
    hank You Brolen for picking this up ^^, i hope you would complete this series soon ^^

  11. Vinny says:

    Just for your information, the group that have done the first chapter seems to be dead along with the download links for the first chapter and I could only find it on g.e-hentai, and downloading from there is not a trivial task. It would be nice if anyone would upload the first separate chapter somewhere, downloading the whole first volume for a single chapter is kind of a waste.

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