Yuka Nakajima – D.L.Action 27

Commissioned by Joe
Edited by Thor

Here’s another Fate/ Stay Night doujin.
This one involves Issei being forced into H with Tosaka by some weird elf girl whose name isn’t mentioned.
Kind of funny, because he won’t get an erection, and won’t ejaculate, of his will, but the elf girl uses her magic to get him hard, get her wet, make him ejaculate, ect. Every time you see the little white orbs, there’s usually sfx in Japanese that says powa or powan indicating that she used her magic.



9 Responses to Yuka Nakajima – D.L.Action 27

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t that Caster?

  2. shrike75 says:

    Isn’t the elf girl Caster?

  3. run away! run away! says:

    Isn’t that Phone?

  4. a says:

    The elf girl is Caster.

  5. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen, Thor and Joe. I wish i understand what’s going on in this story. I thought that the D.L. Action series was made by Digital Lover.

  6. brolen says:

    The author states her name at the end of the postscript.

  7. Flaser says:

    Digital Lover is the name of the Doujinshi Circle. The (actual) author (using the Circle Name) is Yuka Nakajima.

    I thought CircleAuthor relationships were well known.

  8. Derek says:

    Probably the best chapter editted here :3

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