Tatsuo Hita – Ride on Shooting Star

Commissioned by Joe
Edited by Thor

A Fate-Stay Night doujin involving Shirou x Rider.


link sniped

4 Responses to Tatsuo Hita – Ride on Shooting Star

  1. pzpz says:

    good work don’t forget
    Ride on Dream too

  2. CheeseKun'sHat says:

    I think I saw this doujin’s Japanese version a long time ago. Good to see that it’s finally translated–doujins of this caliber are pretty rare, let alone one focussing on this pairing. You got anything similar focussing on Shirou and Sakura?

    And if Ride on Dream is like this, then I’d definitely like to see it.

  3. MJPM says:

    Crap, now I have the Pillows and the FLCL soundtrack in my head again! Of course, it always starts with Little Busters instead of Ride on Shooting Star.

  4. TheGreyPanther says:

    This release is on e-hentai at least for those who want to read it. I haven’t found a direct download link.

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