Bitch Bokujou – Heavenly Bitch Bride

Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

content: gangbang, pregnant sex, cheating

BTW, there is no scat in the art, but there is descriptions of some pretty sick stuff in the text.

This is a Dragon Quest V doujin, it contains huge spoilers for the game. I think if you’re not familiar with the game, you lose a lot, so I’ll just say that Bianca and Flora are the two women the player has to choose between for his bride in the middle of the game, and the order of light is the main enemy faction of the game, lead by the guy named Gema. They are responsible for murdering the hero’s father and enslaving him to build a cathedral, so it’s kind of cool that they gangbang the two ladies in front of his statue in this one ^^



8 Responses to Bitch Bokujou – Heavenly Bitch Bride

  1. brolen says:

    Also, original name actually directly translates to Bitch Wife rather than Bitch Bride, but it’s so close to the original subtitle of the game 天空の花嫁 that I just called it Bitch Bride as a reference.

  2. anon says:

    So, they kill the father and then make the dead father build a cathedral?

  3. brolen says:

    The player is a child at the beginning of the game and his father is murdered by Gema. Then the player himself is made a slave of the order of light and spends the rest of his childhood to young adulthood as a slave building their cathedral before he manages to escape.

  4. Che says:

    But in this case, they screw his pregnant wife & friend in front of him, then smash his statue…

    Talk about High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

    May I ask, what were they injecting Bianca with? After she was unpetrified? Aphrodisiac?

    Also, how old are the daughters? Since they have armpit as well as pubic hair & fairly sizable tits.

    And what’s with this habit in hentai to throw away their perfectly good sex slaves after they get a little loose downstairs?

    Thank’s for translating this BTW, I was eager to read the plot… ROFLMFAO, I’m serious, w/out words, I couldn’t make sense of all the action.

    The Order of ‘Light’ sounded pretty evil as I read it. And they use Christian Symbology. Maybe they are Kira/Death Note fans? ^_-

  5. SiG says:

    Will you release not hairy version later?

    for me this version look very creepy -*-

    if you not have it/or someone need not hairy version you can download here

    anyway, thanks for translated * *)b

  6. brolen says:

    lol, I think Ryoma preferred the Hairy version.

  7. Raitos says:

    excellent stuff, loved all of it

  8. Uesagi says:

    It was so good.
    Thank you so much !

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