Yoshu Ohepe – Various

Here are some of the various Yoshu Ohepe works commissioned by Setebos. The works are the following:

Edited by Sniper2135


Edited by Sniper2135



Spring Strawberry 4
Edited by Sniper2135


mf mu

Spring Strawberry 5
Edited by Anonymous


Sunset Glow
Edited by RR

mf mu

Sweet Summer Peach
Edited by RR
Yo-Syu Tamagotei Vol-07 - 01


5 Responses to Yoshu Ohepe – Various

  1. Setebos says:

    That’s a beautiful line up! Brings the dead to life if ya’ know what I mean.
    Thanks, Brolen and your fine associate editors, The Randy Rabbits and Sniper2135. Great work om great material, I’m happy.

  2. Afro Thunda says:

    I just picked up most of these from Tokyotosho. I’m overloaded in Yoshu Ohepe works now. Thanks alot for these Setebos and Brolen. I got plenty to read tonight.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and Setebos for this lovely stories.

  4. loplop says:

    Thanks Brolen and Setebos for these. I especially liked the Satsuki/Ichigo 100% doujins

  5. Kai says:

    Awesome. Yoshu Ohepe works are some of the hottest out there. Thanks so much!

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