Moriyama Tsuru – Oyaji

*UPDATE* Volume 2 is out

First chapter translated by Vallanhaamu
Commissioned & Edited by SlayerJr

Contents: family man, extreme fighting

My first non-h post in a while, lol.
This is a manga about the titular character oyaji, he’s a father, and a total badass, the epitome of masculinity. He eradicates wave upon wave of yakuza, but at its heart, this is a story about a family man. After a long stint in prison for murder, and keeping a low profile for quite some time, this father comes back to find his family in disarray, and gets to work putting things back in order.

SlayerJr has worked extra hard on this, the edits are of fantastic quality for his first real scanlation project. My script which was a little rough around the edges has been smoothed over and turned into a pretty much flawless localization.

Oyaji 1_000

Links are currently down.
Check to find this series.

23 Responses to Moriyama Tsuru – Oyaji

  1. Anonymouse says:

    A truly fantastic project. I’m glad you and he collaborated, my good man =D

  2. brolen says:

    Yeah ^^ It was fun working on this one and volume 2.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen. I never saw something like that before. Such a strange style.

  4. VyvyanWilde says:

    Unf this is awesome.
    Thank you.

  5. Hurr says:

    God damn this is the most bad ass manga I’ve read. Kudos to you Brolen

  6. blackinmind says:

    god I want 2 and 3 right now. damn it soo good. needs a daughter chapter.

  7. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen for vol 2.

  8. Ner0 says:

    Wow!! This is freaking awesome!! Good job picking this manga to read!! I usually hate this kind of manga, but this one is great!!

    Keep up the good job!

  9. blackinmind says:

    is there a volume 3?

  10. brolen says:

    Yeah, it’s the final volume,
    and it’s already been translated.
    SlayerJr is in the process of editing.

  11. guyblond says:

    I was trying to get the release, but the page can’t be found.

  12. brolen says:

    It seems that this is no longer hosted on Manga-updates do to some troubles.
    You can check it out including the latest chapters from V.3 on
    but you must create an account and log in.

  13. d3mon says:

    WOW! Great series! Waiting for volume 3 tot pop up at

    Thanx for all the hard work on vol 1 & 2

  14. d3mon says:

    And? Any word on Vol 3? i cant wait! ^^

  15. d3mon says:

    And? Any news on vol 3, my scanlating friends?

    i wanna finish this sooo bad ><

  16. brolen says:

    I believe SlayerJR is quite busy for the time being,
    so don’t expect to see the third volume anytime soon.

  17. d3mon says:

    One month later …. !
    Any news on slayerjr’s progress on the volume??

    I wanna finish oyaji! ❤

  18. d3mon says:

    … Still no sign of the last part of Oyaji … ? 😦

    Any news you know of?

    Thanx anyway!

  19. d3mon says:

    Hello Brolen.

    Any news of SlayerJR? Or on Oyaji’s final vol. 3?

    Please any news or maybe if it will be scanlated soon?
    I cant find raws or translation or anything on it.

    Some help? please?

  20. brolen says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that SlayerJR must have become too busy to finish up vol. 3. I haven’t heard anything in quite a long time, so I wouldn’t cross your fingers.

  21. d3mon says:

    Cant we make it happen??

  22. Cedik says:

    Is there at least a translation anywhere?
    I could help with the editing and the typesetting if needed, I’ve done it before.

  23. brolen says:

    Indeed, the script was finished last year but I haven’t heard from SlayerJR and can’t just release the script without his approval unfortunately.

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