Itaba Hiroshi – Nettai ya 1+2

Commissioned by Setebos
Edited by KaKun

This is a 2-parter about a guy who moves in with
his aunt temporarily to study in the city… and well…
things escalate, see for yourselves.





9 Responses to Itaba Hiroshi – Nettai ya 1+2

  1. Oliver says:

    Hiroshi Itaba ^__^

    It’s one of those so rare artists, when I see something by them, I download it without even clicking the preview pictures 😀

    So : thanks a lot Setebos and Brolen ^_^

    I wrote it elsewhere to Setebos, I’ll write it here too, that’s true for both commissioners and translators : really, you guys ought to receive full gratitude, with every week, since we’re fans of hentai, you make the world better for us. That’s not something to overlook so easily 😮

  2. Setebos says:

    Wow, I’m very happy with this one. It turned out much better than I’d hoped, you’ve done a great translation, Brolen. KaKun did a fine edit and Itaba Hiroshi did not disappoint.
    This has been very heavily downloaded where it’s been posted, if that means anything. Thanks to all concerned with this great two parter.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and Setebos. I dl it, but didn’t read it yet. Should we expect more chps?

  4. Setebos says:

    It’s a two chapter manga, Ehud. It’s complete, please read because I know you’ll love it.

  5. Ehud says:

    Of course i will Setebos. Just that it’s after 1:30 am here, and my eyes are a little heavy.

  6. Haz says:

    A great story really liked it thanks Brolen and Setebos for bringing this

  7. Zathael says:

    Many, many thanks to Brolen, KaKun, and Setebos for this. It may be only 2 chapters, but it has a full tankoubon’s worth of awesome.

  8. e says:

    is there going to be more of this?

  9. Setebos says:

    @e, I can only hope so. I’ll remain on the lookout for any continuation, but for now it’s a two-parter.

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