Hoshino Ryuichi – Training Box

*UPDATE* ch 2 released

Contents: black mail, sexual harassment, anal, cheating

This is from the book “A Working Woman Prefers Doggy Style.” This chapter involves a woman who drops a digital camera with dirty pictures of herself on it at work. Well, her boss finds it and threatens to black mail her, then h ensues.The rest of the book has already been translated, and will follow eventually as soon as Mike gets around to editing it.This is his pet project.


ch 2

the whole thing so far

10 Responses to Hoshino Ryuichi – Training Box

  1. Stud says:

    That was great. What is in Chapter2?

  2. popo says:

    Nice starting chapter. Can’t wait for the rest.

  3. brolen says:

    The next 6 or so are a continuation of the same story.
    Eventually the husband finds out about it and he’s going to go kick the boss’s ass, but instead becomes initiated as a member of his secret society.

  4. Ehud says:

    Wow, her husband finds out about it and he’s going to go kick the boss ass? That’s the first time the husband does something, and i am sure want to see it.

  5. fameransf says:

    do u have the rest of the story translated yet. when is it gonna get releasted

    • brolen says:

      The entire volume was translated around a year ago for Mike but I don’t think he ever got around to editing the rest of it.

  6. hoshino fan says:

    Is it possible to know if the entire book is going to be released sometime or not ?
    I just love the drawing of Hoshino Ryuichi 🙂

  7. brolen says:

    I wouldn’t count on it’s been a long time.
    Mike doesn’t seem to have the time or desire to edit that one.

    • soyleb says:

      Well if Mike is still interested in getting this out, I can probably edit it if he doesn’t have the time/effort to put into it.

  8. ah says:

    No update on this one? Would love to see more chapters of it.

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