Motofumi Takaoka – Rutsubo

*Update – full volume complete

Donor Project
Edited by Mike
Contributors: Hollow49, Yurakair, JukanX

This is an interesting feudal Japan
themed manga with a serial storyline.
It’s about a princess during times of war. A ninja who was supposed to kill her, finds she’s just too hot, and decides to claim her as his own, even going as far as to slay his own allies when they refuse to spare her life.

The later chapters have a variety of themes.


Full volume

ch 7 only

33 Responses to Motofumi Takaoka – Rutsubo

  1. JukanX says:

    Might be interested in contributing to this, but not until I see Yurakair chipping in himself.

  2. Setebos says:

    Strong words of wisdom from a man that’s donated to almost every donor project in the Hentai Universe. So there’s no mistake, I mean as a compliment, JukanX.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen.

  4. yurakair says:

    great job, brolen. Finally i can see one chapter of this great manga translated.
    It’s brighter than the raw. Can you make the rest darker?.
    I suggested this manga, and i’m going to donate, of course.The 2nd chapter is on me.
    Brolen, can you send me the donation address?
    Can i use paypal?

  5. Flughen says:

    Are you Mike from FAKKU?

  6. hollow49 says:

    Well, I’ve had this on my list of translations to commission for a while, so I’ll be contributing a fair bit to the projest for certain. (I’m waiting for the email address right now.)

    Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  7. Mike says:

    no im not.

  8. Mike says:


    I did try to remove some of the gray blurness on the raw, but its hardly noticeable unless u zoom in alot. I did it cuz when i use bitmaps its easier for me to do deep cleaning on some stuffs.

  9. yurakair says:

    donation for ch.3 completed!!. Sorry for send it in euros, it was my first time using paypal.

  10. JukanX says:

    When you release a chapter could you please make a post or at least leave a comment in the thread? Updates to already-read posts don’t show up in the RSS feed…
    Thanks in advance

  11. brolen says:

    I see. I’ll leave a comment when I update in that case.

  12. dstar2 says:

    Thank you for all the great translations. I really enjoy reading them.

  13. Tony says:

    Great artwork! Is it just my illusion, or is the Princess’s breasts getting bigger? Anycase, interesting story as well. Many thanks to Brolen, Mike, Hollow49, Yurakair, and JukanX!

  14. brolen says:

    Ch.4 Available.

  15. Zathael says:

    Thank You!

  16. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen, again.

  17. brolen says:

    Ch.5 added.

  18. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and donors.

  19. Zathael says:

    Thanks for the new chapter.

  20. brolen says:

    ch.6 released.

  21. Tony says:

    Many thanks for the new chapter! I noticed that the hyperlink for chapter 6 and ch1-6 got swapped around.

  22. Zathael says:

    Thanks again to all the donors and of course, many thanks to Brolen.

  23. hollow49 says:

    Well, this last donation should be enough to finish the project. Only 1 chapter left to go.

  24. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen

  25. Orez says:

    Thanks a lot to donors and to Brolen, but can you please increase the links I am even fine with The freaking deposit files froze on me and now I have to use other blogs and I don’t like it

  26. yurakair says:

    brolen is translating another takaoka motofumi work for The name of the manga is DOGWALKER, but changed it to MIKO WARS because is about raped mikos, not dogs.
    I don’t think you should change the original name of a manga. what have to say the author about it?.

    anyway, the download link is in baka-updates (look for “miko wars”).

  27. brolen says:

    Ch.7 finished.

  28. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and donors. Is this the last chp of the volume?

  29. brolen says:

    Yeah, 7 is the last chapter.

  30. Ehud says:

    Thanx Brolen.

  31. Zathael says:

    Thanks to Brolen and all the donors for getting this completely translated.

  32. Hey, can you put up an alternate download link, like Rapidshare, Mediafire, or Megaupload? Depositfiles times out most downloads for me, and ever since the last time it did it sometime last week, it’s been reporting that my IP is still downloading something (which is most certainly not the case).

  33. BakaBakaX says:

    i need megaupload/mediafire/hotfile download links for this~
    Pls thanks!

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