Nozarashi – Perhaps…

Commissioned and Edited by Ryoma
Full title is Perhaps I’m a bit biased, but doesn’t it follow perfectly?

Be warned, this is a nasty scat themed one about girls who eat shit, and smearing it all over themselves.


6 Responses to Nozarashi – Perhaps…

  1. KaKun says:

    Man, that’s a really awful editing. Was there not even pure white for the erasing? Send me the script and the original pages and i will edit you this for free and ways better…my eyes starts to tear when i look at this… o_O

  2. Mike says:

    Ryoma commissioned and did the editing himself we should be thankful for that. You should give him hints on how to improve rather then only complaining.

    @ryoma use the eyedroptool and paint over the bubbles that will ensure the bubbles color be the same all over. For those transparent bubbles since the art is simple u can just redraw it urself, if u dont want to do that just use the outer glow on layer style adjusting the size to cover it up.

  3. KaKun says:

    First of all I think he has to calibrate his monitor, otherwise I don’t really understand how he could upload this in such a condition. I know, not everyone is familiar with the tools, but this red stain?

    @ Ryoma: Edit this new, again, completely, I beg you. I like Nozarashi very much and I’m really thankful for the translation of this, but you can do it better.

  4. JukanX says:

    Fixed it myself, luckily in the red channel the halo was much less noticeable… Didn’t bother to do the credit watermark in blue, though.

    Image format: PNG, 4-bit
    Archive format: 7-zip (

  5. Drisvisic says:

    Thank you for scanlating this oneshot. ^_^

  6. Ryoma says:

    @Kakun No problem 😀

    Free editors are always welcome^^

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