Yoshida Inuhito – Anasakyu Ch.2

Donor Project
Editor: KaKun
Contributors: JukanX

This chapter is about a tsundere girl. She’s the student council president at school, has top notch grades, and is loved by everyone in the whole school, boy or girl, but won’t let anyone near. The one exception to this is her little bro, and he alone knows her “true” face.



7 Responses to Yoshida Inuhito – Anasakyu Ch.2

  1. Zathael says:

    I love these younger brother, elder sister stories. Thank you very much to Brolen, KaKun, and JukanX.

  2. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen. Is this volume collection of short stories, or 1 long story?

  3. brolen says:

    Collection of shorts.

  4. Ehud says:

    Thanx Brolen.

  5. desudesu says:

    Please tell me the girl with the horns will appear soon :3

  6. Setebos says:

    Feeling horny, DD?

  7. desudesu says:

    Setebos: I like my wimmen stacked, and with horns :3

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