Perestroika – Prison of Adventurers (DQ)

This is a project I have translated for Kakun in exchange for him doing edits for me. It’s a Dragon Quest dj with female warrior and sage getting it on with the troll monsters ^^ Great art, and Kakun has done an amazing job on the editing,
check it out at his new blog site.


4 Responses to Perestroika – Prison of Adventurers (DQ)

  1. Tsurupettan Loev says:

    Nice, wish the fluids weren’t quite so high contrast (looks set apart from the rest of the art in places) but still awesome.

  2. bluesman says:

    Really excellent artwork, though the content is a bit rough. Is this Dragon Quest III?

  3. brolen says:

    It could really be based on any DQ game. But the warrior/ sage designs featured in this manga did first come out with with DQ III. The same kind of warrior / sage type characters are present in a lot of the games thereafter though.

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