Hajime Taira – Bad Moon

*update, the two untranslated pages have been added
Commissioned Release #44
Commissioned by Extra_F
Chapters 1-5 edited by Mike,
Chapters 6-9 edited by myself.

Contents: gangbang, rape, parasites, fantasy theme

This manga takes place in a sort of fantasy setting. It’s about the ‘sexcapades’ of two ladies, the fairest in all the land, a priestess and a princess. It all starts when they’re kidnapped by the evil gang of thieves, “Bad Moon,” but things go from bad to worse after they escape. Two sheltered, naive women let loose in the outside world, imagine what could happen…


Check it out using the link below:


7 Responses to Hajime Taira – Bad Moon

  1. Chimasternmay says:

    Skip… Thx for the release/hard work though.

  2. JukanX says:

    /Me likes, I’ll be sure to check it out… Thanks to the three of you for the hard work.

  3. Oliver says:

    A complete translated manga, niiiiiiiice, thanks a lot, Brolen 🙂

    Hajime taira seems to ignore the expression “happy sex”, regrettably, but that’s not your fault 😉

  4. Gell says:

    Great job.Thank you.

  5. 2Hip says:

    Great work everybody!!!!

    But i did notice. 2 pages from the original manga/tankoubon. Were not translated & contained within this translated copy. They are pages 086 & 088, in original manga page numbering sequence.

    So i’m assuming, they were missing within your source copy.

    Here is a link i made, of my full copy. It includes your great translation. Plus the 2 missing raw pages (086 & 088).

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?05ur4zn35iu
    58.78mb zip


  6. brolen says:

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. 2Hip says:

    your most welcome.

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