Naoto Ayano – R.O.D 2

Commissioned Release #48
Edited by Mike
Commissioned by Extra_F

This is a Fate Stay / Night doujin featuring Rider x Shirou and a lot of anal action.


5 Responses to Naoto Ayano – R.O.D 2

  1. kingofkongs says:

    thx for the release.

    do u know whether number one has been translated or not? also link appriciated if already translated ^^

  2. brolen says:

    #1 has already been translated. Search on and you will easily find it.

  3. Zathael says:

    I downloaded Rider or Die 1 about a year and a half ago, and didn’t even know that the series had continued with R.O.D. 2 and 3. Thanks to Extra_F, Mike, and last but not least Brolen for getting these done and out there for people like me to enjoy.

  4. yurakair says:

    I don’t find it in someone can share it?

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