Hirohisa Onikubo – The Last Curtain

Commissioned Release #47
Commissioned & Edited by: Ryoma

contents: gangbang, rape, pregnant chicks, PUBES, school theme

This time it’s a pregnant rape story. It all starts with this school girl crying to her teacher that she wants to discuss some issue in private. She leads the pregnant teacher away to an empty classroom away from any human presence, and the boys come in to gangrape her. Of course she ends up loving it in the end, this is hentai, after all ^^



18 Responses to Hirohisa Onikubo – The Last Curtain

  1. cryea says:

    Is page 208 missing, or was it just an ad from the magazine?

  2. brolen says:

    That’s a very good question.
    I have no idea on that.

  3. Jorgensen says:

    Thank you very much for this translation! But I guess, the most hardcore stuff with this kind of contents I ever read/saw is Bai Asuka’s Sinful Mother.

  4. Oliver says:

    It’s strange, preggo hentai disgusts me. And yet, I’ve had sex with my pregnant wife without any problem at all, however, when I see it drawn in a hentai manga, disgust comes back… Go figure !

    (I’m not spitting on Brolen or on the fans of that style, just making an observation, heh)

  5. Ehud says:

    Well-spoken Oliver. I don’t know why, but because of some odd reason, i can’t deal with this kind of stories. I don’t even bother to dl them anymore.

  6. Setebos says:

    I don’t like to comment in threads where I don’t read the manga, but the topic is out so I will. I don’t mind pregnant sex stories at all, I don’t like hard rape stories and won’t read them. “Good Pregnant Wife” found on this site is a case in point, it’s also soft NTR, a genre I generally don’t go for either, well I like “Good Pregnant Wife” very much. I find if it’s a long story where I get emotionally invested in female characters even gangbangs are a turnoff for me, so it’s just funny how it works for different people, there’s no single fun button for everybody.
    On to “Sinful Mother” everyone says it’s the worst thing they ever saw, I don’t see it all. I’m one the donors on the translation project and I usually detest that genre, but the MILF drew me in and wouldn’t let me go. If you can’t handle it look away, it’s what I do. I will say I’m not going to fap to it though, so.

  7. Ehud says:

    Setebos, did you take it personally? Please don’t.

  8. Setebos says:

    No, not at all, Ehud. I never take it personal, that’s the the problem with printed comment, it’s all flat with no nuance or inflection.
    We all like different things was the only point I was trying to make. We can all handle different things, pregnant sex does not bother me in the least and I don’t think “Sinful Mother” is the worst thing ever, that’s all I was saying. Sorry for the thread hijack, Brolen and Ryoma. It’s kind of nice hentai spurs discussion though, right?

  9. brolen says:

    To get back to the guy who inquired about he missing page, it was actually just an ad for the magazine.

  10. brolen says:

    That’s funny Setebos, one of the ones you commissioned that Faytear will be editing, Seishoku Room Service is pretty hard rape.

  11. JukanX says:

    Good story, I like it when prim-and-proper women become total sluts. Thanks for the translation.

    I’ve just got two remarks, however:
    1) the author’s given name is Hirohisa; apparently he just took two kanjis and forced a reading onto them.
    2) I’d be much obliged if you could use plain white to hide the Japanese text, light pink lacks a certain something… (^_~) . IMO it’s even easier to just sample an empty area with the dropper tool (shortcut E in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and I’d wager the GIMP too) and then switch back to the brush (shortcut B).
    By the way, nice how you got the GIMP to display a white outline around the text, in my half-hour tour in that program I couldn’t find an obvious way to do it…

  12. brolen says:

    Hirohisa is another unsurprising potential reading of the name. Hirohisa // Tsunehisa // Kouji // Gouji are all potential readings for this name. Thanks for the heads up though.

  13. brolen says:

    To do that in gimp, it’s really easy actually.
    You just make a text layer, then go text-to-path, and stroke path with the color white selected.

  14. merlin12 says:

    thanks i really love this

  15. Jorgensen says:

    Stebos, I don’t considerate Bai Asuka’s Sinful Mother like the most hardcore thing I ever saw, for the pregnant sex scenes.

    For me, what makes Sinful Mother so hardcore is the story, some fetiches and the BAD ENDING.

    But for me, the most good example of a Pregnant Gang Bang is Teruaki Murakami’s Dark Love OVA 1 at the end.

  16. vash says:

    Onikubo is the best! But most of his stories are not traslated (and jap is very hard to learn!). I hope you translate more of his stories! thanks

  17. noob1 says:

    this is the most amazing h-manga i’ve ever read. i just love the dialogue, definitely sets up the scene and raises the level of fappage. i was soo tired after this manga, i took a 4 hour nap, before i went back to my physics study.


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