Yumi Ryuuki – Sunao ni Sugao

Commissioned Release #46
Commissioned by Setebos

This short is about a nerd who somehow has a hot housekeeper who is also his classmate. He’s kind of frustrated and ashamed because ppl at school are making fun of him ’cause he’s a virgin in high school. Well, he gets humiliated by some classmates. His house keeper finds out, and H ensues.



11 Responses to Yumi Ryuuki – Sunao ni Sugao

  1. Setebos says:

    This is a very cute story that demonstrates the infinite capacity of women to love complete dicks in spite of their behavior. Oh, there’s hope for even me!
    Thanks Brolen, beautiful job as always.

  2. brolen says:

    Glad you liked it, I thought you might be disappointed since you were thinking it was an incest story at first and you mentioned you like the messed up stuff ^^

  3. Setebos says:

    Nope, I could tell it could go either way. I’m a multipurpose, flexible perv with these things. There’s only a short list of things I don’t like. I case you’re wondering, I don’t like Loli, Hard Rape, Guro, Hard NTR, Yaoi and Corruption\Degradation. I generally just like happy sex whatever the genre may be. Preferred genre are Elder Sister, MILF, High Schoolgirl.
    I’d also include a resume and a picture of myself, but I’m out of time and space to type, so…

  4. dsid says:

    Seems interesting but mediafire wont let me download this dose of lust.

  5. Zathael says:

    Setebos and Brolen, thanks to both of you for this one. I sort of identified with the guy a little bit in that when I was younger and would get teased, instead of being sad and crying about it, I would get angry. This guy seemed to be the same way. I also think the reason why he was such a jerk to her up until they had sex was that he probably had convinced himself that he wasn’t good enough for her or something, and so he kept pushing her away rather than show his feelings. Sort of like how little boys will tease and make fun of the girl they actually like the most.

  6. brolen says:

    Try again, it’s working fine.

  7. brolen says:

    Heh heh, for me happy sex is boring sex, unless there was a lot of strong character development beforehand like in some h-games.

  8. Setebos says:

    To each his own, brother Brolen. We are all fellow travlers on the Hentai road, we just walk in different directions. I just never get tired of happy, I like a dose of high kink now and again, not often.

  9. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Brolen and Setebos for this cute story.

  10. Marcow says:

    Mediafire is not working

  11. dsid says:

    I tried another browser and it worked, too bad FF is glitchy with MF sometimes

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