Saki Urara – Hatsukoi wa Uragiranai

Commissioned Release #42
Commissioned by Setebos
Edited by Mike

This is a short about a brother and sister. The sister’s just been involved in an accident, which caused her to lose her eyesight. Thus, her little bro must tend to her every need… Mom and Dad seem to be neglecting her, and her little bro wants to comfort her so things… escalate.

mujin 0904_0429

10 Responses to Saki Urara – Hatsukoi wa Uragiranai

  1. blackinmind says:

    great trend of handicap girls going around, first the wheel chair tiaga and there’s a another I saw which I forgot the name and now this. awesome setebos, I look forward for more. thanks for translated brolen.

  2. Setebos says:

    It is quite good, thanks Brolen and thanks to Mike for a great edit.
    @blackinmind, thanks, I look for this kind of story and you’ll see them if I find more.

  3. Oliver says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for this one, Brolen, it’s a really great story !

    I’m fond of scenarii containing not only sex, but also adult feelings. Young teenagers can have sex, but they’re still children in their mind. Adults have a much more complex, so much more interesting mind. And adult stories, like this one for instance are really rare.
    My thanks to you =)

  4. Oliver says:

    And thanks to Setebos, but I take it it was implicit 😉

  5. xyz says:

    make me remind “kana imouto” (sigh)

  6. streetpilot says:

    Great story. I agree with Oliver, this one hits the mark. More like this one would be appreciated.

  7. Emuchan says:

    Ah I really really love Saki Urara (his hentai manga, not himself of course). Great work!
    If you ever feel at loss what to translate I would recommend Onedari Parade, which is the sequel to the great May not Miss Pervert fall in love.

  8. brolen says:

    I see. I might consider this in the future, thanks ^^

  9. Verlaine says:

    I really like Saki Urara’s works. I’ve been hooked ever since I read “May not “Miss Pervert” fall in love” because it started off with the main girl, Chika being the Seme, and I can’t help but be drawn to a story with the girl(s) being the seme in their relationship dynamics.

    Keep up the good work, are you going to also translate the rest of this volume? Because I’ve found that at least the 2nd chapter to this volume has been translated already, and the cliff-hanger from that chapter is just killing me.

    Also, are you going to translate another one of Saki Urara’s works, “Onedari Parade” (IE: “Parade of Desire)? It’s a sequel to “May not “Miss Pervert” fall in love”? If you need a source, I do have a copy of the original japanese scans on my hard drive right now. I can just send it to you via megaupload if you want.

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