D.P. – NEET Girlfriend

Commissioned Release #39
Commissioned by Setebos

This one is on the humorous side.
It’s about a “loser” who’s stuck with his NEET girlfriend. (NEET means a young adult not employed, in school, or in training, basically a total bum.) He’s gotta get to work, but the temptress has already started to work her magic.
Will he make it to work!?

A kind stranger by the name of
“Mike” has reedited the parts I failed on.
Take a look at the new version at:



Old crappy one is still here for comparison’s sake.


6 Responses to D.P. – NEET Girlfriend

  1. matias067 says:

    nice one Setebos!, i always notice you doing so many commissions among different translators. Anywayz, keep on commissioning good stuff from the various monthly “COMICs”.


  2. Setebos says:

    Thanks Brolen, I do love this artist.
    @matias067, thanks for noticing. I think I will continue, there’s always more good stuff out there.

  3. Setebos says:

    Mike, you’re a prince. Great artist, great translation, and a great edit. I’m a happy man, thank you very much.

  4. Tony says:

    Great artwork and great translation! The story is quite interesting as well… Must be heaven & hell for the guy.

  5. Ronove says:

    Nice one.
    Did this artist make more?

  6. Setebos says:

    @Ronove, He’s done a lot more work, check out his Poko series. ‘Together With Poko’ is in english, the other two full lengths(Poko to Wonderful and Poko no Oshigoto) are donor projects at another site. Good dope from a great artist.

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