Eru Shindo – One-Top Girl

Commissioned Release #38
Commissioned by Setebos

This one is about a soccer girl who plays on the boys’ team. Let’s just say being around all those sweaty boys is driving her crazy. The boys peep on her while she’s doing something in the locker room, and a massive gangbang ensues.



10 Responses to Eru Shindo – One-Top Girl

  1. blackinmind says:

    awesome, keep it up man. thank you.

  2. Setebos says:

    Great artist, superb translation(I learned a lot), and very nice editing. Thank you Brolen, you do fine work.

  3. Kuroguma says:

    Love the art, are there any other stories with his artist translated or otherwise?

  4. brolen says:

    There are a few others, they are all translated save for one. The other one, I will be translating shortly, Faytear will be editing it.

  5. Kuroguma says:

    Names, links or hints at where to get them would be greatly appreciated.

    I need them badly πŸ˜€

  6. Setebos says:

    DesuDesu has the other two, mind you, they are unusual love stories. Traditional love stories none the less, hope you’re not disappointed? This artist also works as DA HOOTCH, that stuff is really nasty! DesuDesu also has an example of that, if you’re interested.

  7. brolen says:

    I thought this one was *REALLY* nasty myself.
    Now I’m intrigued by what he could have possibly done under the moniker of DA HOOTCH.

  8. Setebos says:

    DA HOOTCH – Masaka no Chiba-san (Code Geass)
    DA HOOTCH – Seidouyuusha (Dragon Quest 3)
    DA HOOTCH – Fukou Kishi

    All three at Desuesu’s site, way beyond this one.
    He works as Shindo Eru to do gentler things, even love stories done very sweetly.

  9. Kuroguma says:

    Didn’t know he was DA HOOTCH aswell, love those stories aswell. πŸ˜€

    I only found barrier free at desudesu tho.
    If not to much hassel, able to give link to the last on or know what it’s called tried searching using “eru shindo” as search words.
    And I dont mind love stories of they are like Tsukino Jougi’s “b37c”(on secon thought can you call it love story? πŸ˜€ ) or Youshu Ohepe’s “wanna do it”/”don’t call me a midget”
    as long as the action is steamy and messy the reasons for it aren’t that important, tho there are some I actually read for interesting story.

  10. brolen says:

    BTW, Fukou Kishi is based on Final Fantasy Tactics ^^

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