Karma Tatsuro – Open the leg or door!?

Commissioned Release #37
Commissioned by A.H.

This is a rather bizarre short by Karma Tatsuro.
The men’s wives are construed as “doors” throughout the comic. It humorously depicts some of the potential downfalls of having a housewife alone at home while you’re at work. It’s not guro, but is bizarre so I’m lumping it in with Guro/Bizarre,
as well as regular h even though there is nothing
disgusting or gory about this. This guy is known for coming up with some pretty odd stuff.



5 Responses to Karma Tatsuro – Open the leg or door!?

  1. dude says:

    Is the guy that did that one about that cellphone that looked like a full sized female girl?

  2. TT says:

    Lol thanks for the hilarious yet erotic release 😀

  3. Mishotaki says:

    wow that was amazing! one of the funnyest ones i’ve seen
    thanks for translating it ^_^

  4. Azure Xuchilbara says:

    Awesome manga…It’s strange he does regular stuff…

    You misspelled his name…It’s Karuma Tatsuro…

    This guy’s majority work’s are very hot shota mangas~

  5. hoccus says:

    Thank you for the translation of this hilarious manga.

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