Mon Mon – Bara no Tsubomi

Commissioned Release #35
Commissioned & Edited by Ryoma

This is a manga with very nice art about a married woman who has had some past trauma, having a issues that prevent her from having sex with her husband. She sees a psychiatrist to work this problem out, and undergoes hypnotism. Three months pass and the ‘treatment’ doesn’t seem to be working… Then she discovers the dark secret, the doctor has been using her as a prostitute to make himself tons of money while she’s been hypnotized… But of course, since it’s hentai, once she realizes how good it feels, she loves it…

Link here:

4 Responses to Mon Mon – Bara no Tsubomi

  1. blackinmind says:

    that’s horrible.

  2. Jack says:

    Thats somewhat new so what the heck LoL, thanks!

  3. Fayt says:

    Thanks for this! also Ryoma, if your reading this, I’m just wondering if you know or have any raw mangas with like ntr themes or slutty wives, if you do or know of any can you send it to me?

  4. Ryoma says:

    Sure, i look my archive.

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